for every beast of the forest is mine and the cattle on a thousand hills. Ps. 50:10

"There is no substitute for good management."

Our mission is to provide quality grassfed and finished beef for our valued customers.  We also offer a limited amount of forages for other livestock producers and have started into breeding some red angus cattle.

Quality grassfed beef cannot be raised without specific attention to managing forage.  Performance on the plate is contingent upon all the little things being taken care of at the herd and soil health levels. Our livestock see quality, managed, forages in pasture, hay, and ensiled forms to ensure that their nutritional needs are met and that they have what they need to perform.  Modern grain finishing methods provide an important role in meeting America's demand for cheap, inexpensive, high-volume, confinement-raised beef...however, grain can "cover a multitude of sins" that cannot be hidden when grass finishing...the details matter.  Grass finishing is the traditional way to finish beef, but there is no substitute for management.  When we took our first beef to the butcher we were told that there was no way that the animal was grassfed and finished...but we knew 100% because we had owned and raised the calf ourselves since birth--we fooled the butcher.  The butcher's response is a further indication of all the "junk" grassfed that is in the marketplace--zero marbling.  Our discerning customers often seek out our beef for multiple reasons:

1)we do not compromise on quality grassfed

2)we offer "beefshare" sales which often leads to savings for the consumer

3)they are buying direct-from-the-farm

4)they understand the security in local food systems

Potentially healthier options.  Even just a brief internet search for "grassfed beef" will bring a variety of results.  One common theme among them is that grassfed and finished beef offers more of the "good" fats while containing lower amounts of the "bad" fats along with higher levels of CLA and beta carotene.  We have accommodated requests from folks who often have allergies to store-bought beef.  We are not food scientists, but we know it's hard to beat fresh.

Freezer beef is our business.  The majority of our ready-to-butcher steers are sold direct-to-consumer for freezer beef.  Buying beef this way can result in higher-quality, more-flavorful, beef in your home at value levels found in buying bulk.

100% grassfed and finished beef from farm raised forages that perform!

Thousand Hills Farm